Automotive Software Tester 2.0

Specialist Modules – Foundation Level

What is the Automotive Software Tester?

The CTFL® extension Automotive Software Tester is the link between the ISTQB® Certified Tester Standard and the industry-specific requirements of the automotive industry.

Business Benefits Automotive Software Tester 2.0

The Automotive Software Tester 2.0 Can:

  • Collaborate: work effectively in a test team
  • Adapt: utilize foundation level methods to adapt test methods for automotive-specific project conditions
  • Select: consider the basic requirements of relevant norms and    standards (automotive spice®, iso 26262, etc.) When selecting appropriate test methods in the automotive context
  • Support and apply: assist the test team in risk-oriented planning of test activities in the automotive context, applying well-known elements of structuring
  • Apply: apply the virtual test methods (hil, sil, mil, etc.) In automotive-specific test environments.

Automotive Software Tester Content

The Automotive Software Tester receives an overview of important test procedures and standards that are relevant for the testing of E/E systems:

The CTFL CORE certificate is a prerequisite for the Automotive Software Tester certificate, i.e. each Automotive Software Tester certificate contains the certificate number of the CTFL-CORE certificate.

Duration of the training

Training lasts 2 days and covers the specific requirements of the “testing of E / E systems” in the automotive environment, based on established standards (Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, AUTOSAR®, etc.). ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level knowledge is required.

Automotive Software Tester Exam

The duration of the exam is 60 minutes (40 multiple-choice questions), in line with the ISTQB® Foundation Level, and can be taken by the GTB-authorized certification bodies with or without previous training. A Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate is an exam requirement. In the CTFL® Automotive Software Tester Supplemental Exam the learning objectives and content of the CTFL® Automotive Software Tester syllabus 2.0 will be tested.

Syllabi Automotive Software Tester



Sample exams Automotive Software Tester



Please note that official ISTQB® materials (course materials, test questions, etc.) are only available from training providers or certification authorities authorized by the ISTQB®, the GTB or other national ISTQB® boards.

Materials available from other sources have not been authorized by the ISTQB® and are not subject to the strict quality control of the ISTQB® or its national boards. If you are in any doubt whether your materials are official ISTQB® materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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