GTB Members present themselves

Member of the GTB

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reißing (Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

Prof. Dr. Ralf Reißing has been intensively involved with software engineering, quality assurance and testing since his studies in computer science. After obtaining his doctorate in design quality at the University of Stuttgart in 2002, he worked at Daimler AG as a specialist for test methods and test tools within product development. Since 2010 he has been a Professor of Automotive Informatics within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Engineering at Coburg University. There he teaches prospective engineers studying the development of software for technical systems and the necessary procedures for a high software quality. He also conducts research at the Automotive Technology Transfer Center of the Coburg University of Applied Sciences (TAC) and works on projects for the automotive industry in the Steinbeis Transfer Center Automotive Software Engineering.

In the GTB, Prof. Reißing wants to reinforce the link between certification as a Certified Tester and higher education in the field of testing. He also wants to expand the application focus of the Certified Automotive tester and is therefore working on the Certified Automotive Software Tester‘s curriculum. The contents of which, are then reintegrated into higher education.


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