GTB Members present themselves

Member of the GTB

Peter Zimmerer

Peter Zimmerer knows the challenges of software testing in practice – and he has done so for many years. After studying computer science, he went into industry and joined Siemens AG, where he deals with the testing and quality engineering of large software systems in the central research & development department. These tasks continue to determine his professional career to this very day.

In his expert role as Principal Engineer within Siemens Corporate Technology, Peter Zimmer, who was born in Stuttgart, promotes the areas of software testing and quality engineering across the whole corporation. As a consultant, coach and trainer he works to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of testing through the use of innovative processes and strategies.

To this end, he involves himself in detail with all aspects of testing. He has passed the Certified Tester exams both at Foundation Level and at Full Advanced Level. In addition to this, he has comprehensive knowledge and experience regarding standards and methods used worldwide. Peter Zimmerer shows great enthusiasm in developing new, innovative testing approaches in order to subsequently apply them pragmatically. At Siemens, he developed several test automation systems, and some of the processes contained in these systems even became patented. One such process relates to the testing of concurrent systems.

As a member of the GTB, the computer scientist has set himself the objective of further increasing the practical relevance of software tester training. He knows from his own experience how this can be achieved: As the person responsible for test and quality matters in Siemens’ own qualification and certification program for (senior) software architects, he has himself developed and implemented syllabi, training courses and exams.