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Member of the GTB

Georg Haupt

PortraitfotoAs a quality evangelist, Georg Haupt’s motto is: “From practice for practice!” As a test and quality management expert, he can look back on 20 years of practical experience in both agile and classic software and hardware testing. Georg Haupt also specializes in test automation, test analysis and security testing. He is particularly interested in cross-team and agile quality assurance.

Georg Haupt attaches great importance to a balanced mix of manual, explorative and automated tests. Developing and establishing test methods and processes is a long-standing practice for him. In addition, Georg Haupt uses his practical experience in the introduction of cross-team test and test management tools and processes.

At the GTB, Georg Haupt is particularly interested in working on and creating syllabi. Here he sees his focus especially in the view of the practical experience of contents and the agile respectively modern approaches.