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Member of the GTB

Elke Mai

Elke Mai is an enabler and support for business and IT departments in test management. She has used her practical experience from projects in banks to design test frameworks for systematic testing and provide test tools for users. “Test processes and test tools should add lasting value to the work and their application should be as simple and easy as possible so that experts in the business departments and IT departments can concentrate on their actual activities, including software testing”.

The graduate economist and test specialist Elke Mai looks back on decades of experience in implementation projects in the three German banking sectors.  In the future, Elke Mai sees herself as an integrative test planner and consultant with the main focus on stabilising the plight of clients between strategy and implementation.

By working in the GTB, Elke Mai would like to further expand her professional development opportunities. As a participant in seminars and conferences she actively seeks the exchange of information on the subject of software quality and software testing. For her, the testing process is a living process that thrives on the cooperation of all those involved. She wants to set impulses and convince and inspire others for testing. For this reason she is involved in the GTB.