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Dr. Frank Simon


“Quality assurance is a holistic task, and it has something to do with competitiveness.” This is beyond question for Dr. Frank Simon, since holistic quality assurance ensures that software does not just run, but also has other facets, for instance being user-friendly, secure, easy to maintain, portable, efficient, etc. Anyone who can offer such software will gain clear advantages in global competition for themselves and their clients.

Since his studies, the graduated computer scientist has dealt with quality assurance. He wrote his diploma thesis about the ergonomic quality of IT systems, in his doctoral thesis he dealt with the technical view of systems. After graduation follows his discipline-change into economy – and thus also the entry into the world of software testing: Dr. Frank Simon joined a large management consultancy, where he got to know the different facets of quality management and testing. He developed new business areas around quality assurance of technology-related services (“Code Quality Management”) and headed corresponding international research projects as well as the entire innovation area of a global company.

After 11 years, he transferred to the management of a medium-sized service provider for 4 years, where, in addition to classic business development, he gradually worked in the area of security as an exposed quality property.

Today, he manages the area of IT security for Zurich Insurance Company Germany, so he is familiar with constructive production as well as the continuous testing of security in the form of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Dr. Frank Simon repeatedly realizes that, “outstanding education and training are indispensable for the sustainable success of a company. This is particularly true for the hugely fast-moving area of IT security which for many seems to be a constant cat-and-mouse game between hackers and IT operators.” In order to advance this type of education across the industry, and because he values the holistic view of the ISTQB® on quality assurance, Dr. Frank Simon is involved in the GTB. The association to him appears to be an important provider for the training of suitable specialists for holistically operated quality assurance – and thus as an important pillar for securing the competitiveness of software “Made in Germany”.