GTB organizes its activities into working parties (WP). These are based on the ISTQB, with the development and maintenance of the ISTQB® certified tester qualification scheme at the center of our work.

The ISTQB® curricula, which are co-developed, expanded and kept up-to-date by the GTB, line this center in Germany as well as on an international level.
The ISTQB® curriculum, is co-developed, expanded and kept up-to-date by the GTB, is aligned on both a German and international level.
Before curricula are globally recognized and published by the ISTQB®, they must prove their worth on the national boards.
Before the curriculum is globally recognized and published by the ISTQB®, they must prove their worth to the national boards.
For this purpose, topic-specific working groups are founded (for example, Test Data Management, Usability, CAST, Internet of Things, and many more). These develop the curriculum and questionnaires, with the aim of making them available to all national boards via the ISTQB®.

In addition to the work on content, many operational or supporting activities are also being formed, which are also organized into respective working parties and represent the pillars of the GTB.


We are constantly welcoming dedicated colleagues and hence place high demands on all members of the GTB.

Therefore, for membership and active participation in the development of the ISTQB® certified tester scheme as well as representation on a national and international level, we require an advanced level of certification in addition to high personal commitment and integrity, eg: CTAL-TM, CTAL-TA or CTAL- TTA.

If you are interested, please contact the GTB Backoffice directly (

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